Motto: „Far above the clouds – the sky is always bluish!”

If you want to:

– be aware of the possibilities of change and actively do something,

– find new solutions to handle your actual life situation,

– live your life in a more optimistic way and

– hear your own answers in yourself

I am glad you found me!

You can choose the best way for you (private counseling, trainings, meditation events, etc.) the process will be the same: you are going to be guided from understanding, through accepting and forgiving to releasing – when you finally reach loving.

Everyone walks their on path and reach their own conclusions: accept, or reject the given experiences of the actual issues – what they feel is right for them. Because that’s what life is about: the development and the process of our own individual journey, our own and unique experiences and discoveries, which take all of us to the higher awareness of our selves.

I can help you in this.



(As a psychologist all information given to me is treated as and remains confidential.)