About me

My professional beliefs

The Rogers Approach stands closest to me. I think each person has his or her own journey that they need to realize themselves, and choose to walk it. I will not know the answers to your questions but I can support you to find them yourself! To work with me you need to take responsibility for your life and be honest about it.

I am a member of the Hungarian Psychologists’ Association.



– ELTE PPK Counselling psychologist (from 2012, 2-years long study)

– Sound and Light meditation, study and service (from 2008)

– Assistant in Essence Seminars organizer and trainer’s assistant (from 2007)

– Course in Miracles, individual course (2008-2009)

– In the Summer of 2007 I completed the Leadership Seminar inSofia

– Long-distance Psychodrama course (250 hours)

– Mediator course (150 hours)

– EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Foundation Course (2007)

– Relationships course (2006)

– Reiki master (2005)

– ELTE PPK psychologist (2005)


Looking forward to meet with you!          

registration: info@berkijudit.hu