meditation, relaxation

If you have headaches often, live in stress, or want to take it slower before your body gets sick, then it is high time for you to get to know meditation and relaxation.

We need to leave the everyday whirl behind for a while to quiet down and relax and to turn inside where we realize:

Everything is INSIDE US!

Our questions, the answers to these questions, our emotions and their reasons, our fears and their objects, our wishes, our thoughts, and what we really and truly ARE.

The source of Loving.

Meditation is the method by which you can discover all that; with your body and mind quieted down you can reach Loving. Meditation is the key to recognizing Love in you and to start loving yourself. This is the force that supports you in reaching your aim, the force that shapes your life. It is inside you, it always was and always will be – waiting for you to notice!

More information about the Sound and Light meditation.


The meditation is free (donation is welcome)